C Tail Recursion

Is it possible to make C tail-recursive?

Maybe. Let's try.

In-Function Scope calling self

Ok, this is a limited case, but we can do it pretty easily.

int tail_recurse(int a, char *b, float c) {  

   *  Your logic here.

  // you want to write this:
  // tail_recurse(100, "wut", 10.3);
  // but that uses the stack.

  // to get proper tail recursive behavior,
  // you can do this:
    a=100, b="wut", c=10.3;
    goto restart_tail_recurse;
    // why is this in braces?
    // so you can use some extra stack here that 
    // gets released on the goto

If you actually call this code as is, it creates an infinite loop . . . but hey, at least it doesn't blow up the stack :) It will probably blow up the CPU though. (Congratulations, you've substituted infinite time for infinite space!)

Cross Function Scope

lemme think about this.

Whole Program Scope